Nurturing Aquatic Education for Families


Established in 1972, Hawthorn Swimming Clinic has earned a reputation for being specialists in the area of swimming tuition. Family owned and operated our warm quiet environment is conducive to learning, combined with teachers of the highest quality and small classes mean children progress quickly.

Our aim is to provide the best in swimming tuition with all our teachers holding Austswim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Certification or higher. In addition our teachers are involved in professional development programs to advance their skills as well as other ‘in-house’ training. We provide a personalised service and a level of care to our families that sets us apart from other centres.


Our facilities incorporate a purpose built indoor pool designed for teaching families to swim, possessing crystal clear water heated between 32-34 degrees Celsius. We offer a private and protected environment.

Water so pure you could drink it, seriously. New for 2018 we have installed the same water purification technology as used in modern water purification plants, offering water of the highest quality.


This technology is exclusive to Hawthorn Swimming Clinic.

More About our Water

Crystal clear and safe water is, without a doubt, the primary objective for all swimming pool owners and operators. Swimming is one of the healthiest forms of exercise and an easy way to stay in shape. A properly designed and chlorinated swimming pool can not only keep the water free of harmful bacteria, but provide a safe environment for kids and especially at high bather and organic loading conditions.


High levels of chlorine coupled with a high bather load lead to a breeding ground for toxic chemical compounds known as disinfection byproducts (DBPs).  Pools of the 21st century must have the capacity to prevent these potential dangers of pool water chemistry quickly and effectively in order to truly create a healthy swimming experience for all. New advanced oxidation pool technologies help to minimize these health and environmental risks of a traditional chlorinated pool. 


Initially created for the industrial, municipal and drinking water treatment markets, Advance Oxidation Processes (AOPs) are, by definition, systems that produce large quantities of hydroxyl radicals (OH*) for treating water. Hydroxyl radicals are a potent, broad-spectrum, extremely short-lived oxidative species that oxidize and remove waterborne contaminants quicker and more completely than other water treatment methods (i.e., chlorine or UV). Typically, in the pool and spa space, hydroxyl radicals will chemically degrade oils, sweat, bacteriaviruses and toxic byproducts created by traditional chlorination or bromination disinfection processes. They will destroy microorganisms like Cryptosporidium parvum that are resistant to chlorine and bromine at concentrations typically found in pools and spas. 

Hawthorn Swimming Clinic is a member of Swim Australia, an Australia Wide organisation of independently owned and operated swim schools aiming to provide the best of professional swimming tuition. Swim Australia is the body endorsed to promote learning-to-swim nationally and oversees the registration of Swim Schools, teachers and coaches.



Multiple winner of Swim School of the Year- Independent Swim School Association

Do you....

Do you....

There’s something new and exciting at HSC in 2018!_#hawthornswimmingclinic #hawthorn #learntoswim #s

There’s something new and exciting at HSC in 2018!_#hawthornswimmingclinic #hawthorn #learntoswim #s

Kicking into the weekend _hawthornswimclinic _#iswimatmarystreet #learntoswim #swimminglessons #kids

Kicking into the weekend _hawthornswimclinic _#iswimatmarystreet #learntoswim #swimminglessons #kids

Squad mornings..... I Swim at Mary Street

Squad mornings..... I Swim at Mary Street


We're excited for term 4! _Summer is only 2 months away

Superstar Noah demonstrating his perfect backfloat__hawthornswimclinic #iswimatmarystreet #learntosw

Superstar Noah demonstrating his perfect backfloat__hawthornswimclinic #iswimatmarystreet #learntosw

Who's ready to ride the pool waves!....

Who's ready to ride the pool waves!....

Who’s ready to swim!!!_Term 1 starts Monday Feb 5

Who’s ready to swim!!!_Term 1 starts Monday Feb 5


This gorgeous bunch in our nursery class......

Great day out! #glenferriefest17 #loveyourlocal #learntoswim  #hawthornswimmingclininc #loveglenferr

Great day out! #glenferriefest17 #loveyourlocal #learntoswim #hawthornswimmingclininc #loveglenferr

Superstars!_#starfish #floating #swimfun #iswimatmarystreet #hsc #learntoswim #hawthorn  #hawthornsw

Superstars!_#starfish #floating #swimfun #iswimatmarystreet #hsc #learntoswim #hawthorn #hawthornsw

Kids enjoying their morning lesson #learntoswim #swimminglessons #kidsswimming #swimminginhawthorn #

Committed to Excellence

The transformative learning experiences at Hawthorn Swimming Clinic are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the teaching environment.


Hawthorn Swimming Clinic is located in Hawthorn and reflects the vibrant energy of the area. Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help our students develop confidence both in the pool and externally.


Family owned and operated with extensive background in aquatics :

  • Over 30 years experience in aquatics

  • Over 20 years experience in teaching children to swim and become drown proof

  • Age group representative

  • ASCTA Bronze level coach

  • ASCTA Premium Member

  • ASCTA Open Water Swimming coach

  • ASCTA Masters Swimming coach

  • ASCTA Teacher of Competitive Swimming

  • AustSwim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety

  • Mentor to medal winning  Olympic, World Championship and Commonwealth Swimmers for past 20 odd years


Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us!


"Every child should have the opportunity to learn to swim, and feel confident and safe around water."

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Latest SLSA summer drowning report shows drownings at a 13 year high.