3-5 month old

Pre-Nursery classes are designed to create confidence for both parents and child in water safety and is used as an introduction to our Nursery program. The goals are to help parents familiarise their child with water and conditioning techniques for aquatic activities at both home and at the pool. We teach you how to hold your child properly in the water and how to help them benefit from weightless floating and mobility provided by water for these young children.



6 month old to 3 years

Nursery classes are designed to create confidence for both parents and child in water safety. These lessons provide an opportunity for mum and dad to bond with their child in an aquatic environment. The classes are designed with both group and individual exercises creating a medium to allow the child to achieve independent mobility enabling easier transition to our pre-school program.



3 to 5 year olds

Our pre-school program focuses on building water confidence and safety skills as a priority. Once our teachers believe the child has the necessary confidence we introduce a structure skills development program in stroke fundamentals.



5 years and above

In our school aged learn to swim programs children are placed in groups according to ability (not solely age) and progress through stroke development classes. We look to nurture and encourage progression with in term assessment and award certificates to celebrate their graduation through the various levels.

Swimming Pool


Transitioning to Competitive

Upon completing our learn to swim program children have developed their strokes to a pre-squad level. Our pre-squad training is conducted in a non-competitive environment and introduces children to other elements of swimming such as dive starts and tumble turns. The essence of this program is to build confidence, stroke strength and general conditioning prior to moving into a more competitive swimming environment.
Our squad program is conducted in a 50m pool and designed to build confidence, endurance, speed and competitive skills

Ash Delaney, World Champ & Commonwealth games medalist joins our squad swimmers to share his experie


High intensity & Master Coaches - Suspended due to COVID

Each term we offer an opportunity for swimmers to participate in a Master Class run by our highly awarded & regarded Head Coach.  These Master Classes help children make a quantum step in stroke development and their own confidence as a swimmer.